About Us

Vexidus Corporation: Who We Are

Vexidus Corporation is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Arizona. We are dedicated to providing renewable energy, water, and wastewater services across the rural southwestern United States region.

  • If you build it, they will come! Solar power generation is one of our main business functions in our efforts to expand our development of solar energy facilities. We want to produce clean energy across the Southwestern USA in rural communities that benefit from our projects on a positive social and economic level.
  • Water and wastewater services are crucial to any home or place of business. Our approach incorporates different business models which adapt to the needs of our service areas. Whether its a community well or onsite wastewater system, Vexidus has solutions to help keep rural America environmentally safe.

Our Mission

Vexidus strives to create and support opportunities for rural communities through the development and operations of renewable energy, water, and wastewater services designed to reduce undesirable environmental impacts and preserve the rural landscape.

Our Vision

Vexidus recognizes the decline of fossil fuel energy facilities and the lack of accessible water and wastewater services in growing rural communities across the southwestern United States. Through the development and operation of renewable energy generation facilities, along with incorporating the latest innovations across our industry sectors, we stay on the leading edge of providing affordable, reliable, and secure utility services while reaching untapped markets in our focus region.

Our Industry Focus